AI Coding Battles - Prompt Racer


Heyyo πŸš€

So, I had this fantastic opportunity to team up with Soorria for the WebDevCody's Hackathon. What we built was an AI-assisted coding game called Prompt Racer!

I genuinely believe that in today's climate, knowing how to harness AI is crucial. If we're not riding the AI wave, it can significantly hinder our productivity. BUT, it's essential not just to use AI but also to get how it works. Trust me, you wouldn't want to miss out on the learning part.

So, our game? It’s simple yet challenging. Players are thrown a coding puzzle, but thing is – they need to solve it, only by prompting an AI. If you're curious, we made this video showing off how the magic happens.

Behind the Scenes πŸ› :

  • For our backend, we used Convex.
  • Our front-end? That's all NextJS, with Tailwind and Shadcn for that clean look.
  • The AI responses? Thats from OpenAI's completions API. (for now πŸ‘€, will be looking into adding more models in the future)
  • For running the user's code safely and securely? We went with Modal.
  • and finally, Clerk for auth and user accounts.

Check it out and hit me up with your thoughts! πŸ™Œ