Paraph - Portfolio Generator



The goal with Paraph is to empower users and jobseekers. It offers them a platform to:

  • Make their mark on the world.
  • Share their progress, experiences, and achievements.
  • Create a unique footprint in an easily accessible location.


Paraph is crafted to bridge the gap between portfolio platforms, combining the best elements from sites like Dribbble and LinkedIn:

  • Simplistic User Interface: Designed for optimal user experience.
  • Discoverable Content: Boost your visibility and get noticed by the right audience.
  • Showcase Desired Skill Sets: Tailor your profile to the jobs or opportunities you're seeking.
  • Diversified Portfolio: Compile all your work, experiences, and achievements in one neat package.

Tech Stack

  • Backend: MongoDB, FastAPI
  • Frontend: React

Why Choose Paraph?

While other platforms offer a glimpse into one's professional journey, Paraph is designed to fill the gaps:

  • Easy talent discovery.
  • Comprehensive view of an individual’s skills and project history.