Craft Shop


So, Mum mentioned wanting to put her craft goods online. Instead of pointing her to Shopify, I thought, "Why not create an app for her?" Plus, I'd get to experiment with some tech stuff I'd been curious about 😅

What I Aimed To Achieve With This Project:

  1. Experimenting with Stripe: Always heard of it, but never tried it. bout time.
  2. Understanding Webhooks: I know with Stripe you have to use webhooks so was very curious as to how this works, so, what better time to grasp the concept than now?
  3. Tailwind: I decided to get TailwindUI, so you already know I now have to use it.

So, What's The Outcome?

So in terms of content, my Mum did not have clean photos of her stuff ready to go, so I decided to just use some mock images I found online, random text, and odd descriptions, don't judge 🥲

What I found? Stripe is actually very straightforward to use, the APIs are so clean. You can sidestep having a backend database for products by just using Stripe's (assuming you don't have a lotta products 😅). I think the hardest part, honestly was dealing with the new App directory features from Next, like local storage cannot be used server-side so I was trying to debug that for too long smh, so started using cookies instead and kinda retro-fitted Soorria's useLocalStorage to suit the situation (although should probs just use LS and pushed all data when needed, but I decided might as well learn something new). Then working with the new API routes in the App directory was interesting defs learnt a lot in regard to how these network requests are now handled and how cookies are passed between the server and client. Finally, the webhooks were sick to learn, especially in regard to the security issues with unverified events sliding by. Maybe I should try to dive into a security-based project at some point 👀