React component snippet

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Here is a quick method to create a basic react component skeleton.

  • Firstly on vscode go to the command pallet Ctrl+Shift+P on windows and Cmd+Shift+P on mac.
  • Then find configure user snippets.
  • Then select new Global snippets file
  • Name this reactfunctionalcomponent.json

Inside this file you should paste this:

  "Create a React component skeleton": {
    "prefix": "rfc",
    "body": [
      "import React from 'react';",
      "const ${1:${TM_FILENAME_BASE}} = (props) => {",
      "\treturn (",
      "export default ${1:${TM_FILENAME_BASE}};",
    "description": "Create a React functional component"

Once you save this file you can then simply write rfc and when you press tab it will build the bolier plate code for you as shown:

alt image